A Rebozo Closing Ritual is a unique gift for your dear friend, family member, neighbor or colleague. It is a way to show respect and celebrate them as a new mother. To support, and help them return to the outward world after giving birth.


Giving this ritual as a present will not only benefit the new mother, as well as her child, but help shift the paradigm of postpartum care in our culture. We are often most focused on birth and have no idea that closing the pregnancy-birth cycle and support through the postpartum period is so vital. By offering the Rebozo Closing Ritual, people will remember this - on a physical level, but also on a deeper level of understanding.


After you gifted the Rebozo Closing Ritual to the new mama, we will contact her to introduce ourselves and explain what we do. When the gift is accepted, we take care of the rest (date, time etc.).

We're both professionals and strongly rooted in the postpartum field. We will make sure your friend, family member or colleague is in the best hands and receives an unforgettable experience.

Feel free to contact us for more information via rebozoclosingritual@gmail.com or directly order your gift card via the button below.


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