Our responsibilities

Iris Verstappen has over six years of experience as pregnancy, birth, and postpartum doula and has followed a doula training at doula school Utrecht.

Ana Goedbloed has been a member of the Netherlands Institute for Psychologists (NIP) since 2014. In her work as a psychologist, she adheres to the principles and consequent guidelines and rules of conduct of their professional code: responsibility, integrity, respect, expertise, and duty of confidentiality. She also applies those principles when performing the Rebozo Closing Ritual, massage treatments, doula activities, and (postpartum) coaching. Ana has completed the postpartum doula training of the Newborn Mothers Collective from Julia Jones. This training has been approved by the Australian College of Midwives. Both Ana Goedbloed and Iris Verstappen stand for continuous professional development.


The task of a doula is to provide emotional and practical support to families when a new baby is born. To support the parents a doula can give evidence-based information after childbirth with regard to basic baby care and normal breastfeeding. A postpartum doula will always make references where necessary and never gives advice. We take great care in giving valuable information and we are not responsible for the use that you make of this information. It is important to take into account that the general information we provide is not a substitute for (medical) specialist advice customized to your individual circumstances.


Your responsibility

As a doula and medical massage therapist we do not give advice, treat, diagnose, or prevent illness. We work within the scope of our role as a doula and medical massage therapist. As a new mother (to be), you take responsibility for your own decisions. You are expected to obtain relevant clinical, legal, or financial advice yourself if necessary.


Information on our website

A professional relationship is only formed between us when you choose to work with us by buying our services or products. All testimonials, examples, and promised results that we show on this website are based on our experience and that of our previous clients. They do not guarantee that someone else will achieve the same results. We have done everything we can to accurately reflect the information about our services. Each individual is different though and the success of each individual depends on many factors such as background, dedication, motivation, and desire.

We are not responsible for viruses or other damages that may occur as a result of downloading material from www.rebozoclosingritual.com. It is also possible that via www.rebozoclosingritual access is provided to internet sites and sources of information that are maintained by third parties. Nor can we be held liable for the consequences of the use of information on these websites and pages.