The best gift you can give a newborn mother is a loving, nourishing transition into new motherhood.


A Rebozo Closing Ritual is a UNIQUE gift for your dear friend, family member, neighbor or colleague. It is a way to show respect and celebrate her as a new mother. To support, and help her return to the outward world after giving birth.

Birth is the most life-changing event in a women’s life. The way she is supported and cared in the time after birth, has an impact on her for the rest of her life.


What Alicia says (mother of Evi and Jacob):
“My first birth was very traumatic. I had a hard time during my postpartum healing, and didn’t feel supported at all. On top of that, I fell into a deep postnatal depression. I am so grateful I met Ana & Iris and that I could receive the Rebozo Closing Ritual 6 weeks after the birth of my second child. They really took the time for me and went above and beyond to help me recover on all levels, including my first birth. It made a real difference to me and my family life. Their work is amazing, healing and preventative.”