Ana and Iris are two leading sisters on the front lines of women's health and well-being. They have been friends, colleagues and stepsisters for over 10 years. They believe that every woman has the right to be warmly and safely welcomed into motherhood. 

Meet Ana

Ana is a medical massage therapist, postpartum caregiver, and psychologist (MSc). She came to postpartum work through her interest in reviving ancient postpartum traditions, massage therapy, and the women who gave birth amongst her family and friends. When she learned from all of them, her heart sparked, and she knew postpartum care was her field. Ana is a strong advocate for changing the way our cultures in Europe view postpartum care. She is dedicated to helping women remember that happy mamas plan for postpartum care, ask for help, and are lovingly supported through this life-changing and magic transition.

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Meet Iris

Iris is a hormonal health coach, birth worker (BSc, MA) and hormone yoga teacher (Birthlight UK) specialized in women's health. After her anthropological research on pregnancy experiences in rural India, she fell in love with pregnancy and birth. Ever since, she has dedicated her life to all full-spectrum and holistic care concerning women's well-being in all cycles of their life -- from conscious contraception choices, optimizing menstrual cycles and fertility, to pregnancy, birth preparation and postpartum. She works 1:1 and in groups, teaches yoga classes and organizes retreats. Iris is an advocate for informed consent regarding women's bodies and dedicates her life tending to the fertility, pregnancy, birth and postpartum continuum.

what clients say

"When Iris and Ana walked into our home, they brought in calmness, peace, and loving warmth. I was juggling ten things at a time and feeling a bit anxious. It only took Iris and Ana’s grounded presence for me to slowly calm down and feel the ground under my feet again. I felt, I really need this. 
We sat in the living room while Iris and Ana held the space and listened to my birth and postpartum story. Just being heard, without interruptions and solutions, was strangely refreshing and empowering. It gave me space to realize how I really felt about my son’s birth - why this birth experience made me sad, even though it was so perfect.   
Then we focused on my body. As I stood, Iris held my heels and helped my body remember how to align and stand straight. She made me feel my body as my own again. What followed was Ana’s deeply relaxing massage. The moment she laid my hands on my back, it felt like I was coming home.
After this bodywork, Iris and Ana started the closing ritual. They tenderly wrapped me in soft scarves while I laid on the bed. As the first scarf was tied around my feet, tears welled up in my eyes. As Iris and Ana worked their way up, wrapping my legs and then my pelvis, my body felt like it was softly pulled back together. At first, I felt torn between being intricately connected with my son and being my own autonomous self again. And while the ritual progressed I realized one did not automatically exclude the other - I was both. 
I laid there for a while longer, completely wrapped, savoring the silence and feeling lovingly held. I don’t remember how long this lasted, only that it felt blissful. By the time Iris and Ana unwrapped me, I felt rejuvenated and light. 
Afterward, we drank the lovely herbal tea that they brought, as I sat in great wonder about what had just happened. 
Now, almost a year later, the memory of it still brings a smile to my face and joy to my heart. It was such a beautiful closure of my pregnancy period and birthing experience."

- Melissa (The Netherlands)

- Melissa (Germany)

Accredited practitioners

Ana and Iris are accredited practitioners and have trained directly from the original knowledge-base with indigenous Mexican midwife Angelina Martinez Miranda. They are listed in the official accredited practitioner directory here.

They have received Angelina's personal blessing, support and permission to practice this indigenous skill, however since they do not belong directly to the lineage, they're not allowed to spread this knowledge in the form of trainings or workshops. The only way to learn is directly from the source. 

Photo credit: Yo Soy Gaia, Mayella Almazán-Arreola