Ana and Iris are two leading sisters on the front lines of reproductive health and well-being. They have been friends, colleagues and sisters for over 7 years. They share a deep passion for optimal well-being and health of cyclical humans in general.

About Iris:

Iris is a pregnancy, birth and postpartum doula (BSc, MA) and hormone yoga teacher (Birthlight UK) specialized in pelvic health, fertility and women's health. After her anthropological research on pregnancy experiences in rural India, she fell in love with pregnancy and birth. Ever since, she has dedicated her life to all full-spectrum and holistic care concerning women's well-being in all cycles of their life -- from conscious contraception choices, optimizing menstrual cycles and fertility, to pregnancy, birth preparation and postpartum. She works 1:1 and in groups, teaches yoga classes and organizes retreats. Iris is an advocate for informed consent regarding women's bodies and dedicates her life tending to the fertility, pregnancy, birth and postpartum continuum.

More info about Iris and her work can be found on www.cycleseeds.com

About Ana:


Ana is a massage therapist, postpartum doula and organizational psychologist (NIP*, MSc). She came to postpartum work through her interest in reviving ancient postpartum traditions, massage therapy and the women who gave birth amongst her family and friends. When she learned from all of them, her heart sparked and she knew postpartum care was her field. Ana is a strong advocate of changing the way our cultures views postpartum care. She helps women remember that happy mamas plan for postpartum care, ask for help and are supported through this life changing transition.

More info about Ana and her work can be found on www.sensefulmassagetherapy.com

*Registered with The Dutch Association of Psychologists (Nederlands Instituut van Psychologen, NIP)

***Ana and Iris have trained directly from the original knowledge-base with indigenous Mexican midwife Angelina Martinez Miranda and listed in the official accredited practitioner directory here***

We have received Angelina's personal blessing, support and permission to practice this indigenous skill, however since we do not belong directly to the lineage, we are not allowed to spread this knowledge in the form of trainings or workshops. The only way to learn is directly from the source. 

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