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closing ritual

Mother in Love

Dear mama,

Do you feel you received the right care, celebration, and emotional support after giving birth?

Do you experience feelings of overwhelm when you think about your pregnancy, birth, and the time after? 

Do you have negative feelings when you remember your pregnancy and birth? 

We see you, and understand you, and have noticed that support for mothers after giving birth, is often lacking in our culture.

We offer Rebozo Closing Rituals that are aimed at providing you with the love, care nurture you need so much.

A moment of celebration, honoring, and nourishment of you becoming a mama.

Whether that happened recently or 20 years ago.


Because let’s be honest: who is nurturing YOU? 

You deserve to be cared for and we are here for you.

Ana and Iris

Leading women's health advocates
Rebozo practitioners *


* Accredited by Angelina Martinez Miranda (Midwives Alliance of North America, MANA)


What is a Rebozo Closing Ritual?

A Rebozo Closing ritual has its origins in Mexico and is designed to celebrate a woman's transition into motherhood. It honors the rite of passage that is becoming a mother, that has been forgotten in so many modern cultures.

During the ritual, the body is wrapped in tightly woven scarves (called rebozos) to help the mother come back to her own body after birth.

What are the benefits of a 

Rebozo Closing Ritual?

  • optimal posture alignment after birth 

  • pelvic balance and positioning of the inner organs

  • emotional nurture in the postpartum rollercoaster

  • coming home again in your own body after having shared it with your baby

  • reduction of postpartum ailments (e.g. postnatal depression, pelvic instability)

  • healthy returning menstrual cycles after having been pregnant & giving birth

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“I would love to express my gratitude for your time and energy in supporting me. It made such a huge difference in my postpartum period. You work together is so strengthening and empowering for women!” 

—  Arantxa (Malta)

Mother and a Child