Postpartum Belly Binding for New Mamas

Welcome beautiful mama,

you've worked so incredibly hard to bring your beautiful baby into this world. You conceived, bore, birthed (no matter which way) your baby and entered your tender postpartum time.

We know you are an amazing mama and that a lot is happening now: healing physically and emotionally from birth, (breast)feeding your baby, being sleep deprived and moving into a new rhythm, feeling overwhelmed and perhaps even exhausted.

We know you are doing the very best you can to nourish your baby, but who is nourishing YOU, and knows exactly what YOU need?

This is the golden era to reclaim postpartum care as it was meant to support new mamas. 

We are here to offer you a uniquely recharging fusion of physical science & therapy, postpartum doula care, scientific and ancient wisdom to tend to all your needs after birth as a new mama.

When you heal on all levels after birth - physically, psychologically, emotionally - you step into motherhood confidently, happy and focused.

After a Rebozo Closing Ritual you:

+ are physically aligned, which is crucial before restarting regular exercise and sports

+ feel honored, celebrated, deeply nourished, and 'sealed' (rebozo closed)

+ emotionally nurtured and secure

+ are a mother who takes care of herself first, and from there fully nourishes her baby and family

+ experience the importance of community in starting life with a baby

dare to ask for help


+ feel happy and confident about motherhood

We are here because we care and believe that you deserve a quiet and gentle postpartum period filled with greatest love, attention, kindness and support.

We are looking forward to meet you, mama!

Feel free to reach out or ask your loved ones to get in contact with us. 

Lots of love, care & support,

Iris & Ana

PS:. You are always welcome to book a FREE call with us for extra information. We are here for you. Click on the button in the menu & fill out the form. We will get back to you ASAP. ♡

Hi there!

We are Ana & Iris and we are here to support you.

Want to know more about us?

What mamas say:

"The closing ritual with Iris & Ana was a really special experience. They opened a bridge to connect with myself deeply, allowing me to sink into my motherhood experience and all the changes that come with it. In a gentle and supportive way. "

"They offered me great physical support; helping me to correct my posture, giving the opportunity to my whole body to realize that I was not pregnant anymore (it might seem obvious but it was very powerful to me). I did not know how much I needed the ritual until it happened."


"I feel immense gratitude towards Iris & Ana for holding that space for me; it was powerful and gentle, just like them."

***Ana and Iris have trained directly from the original knowledge-base with indigenous Mexican midwife Angelina Martinez Miranda and listed in the official accredited practitioner

directory here***

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